Oscorp was a company created by Norman Osborn and briefly run by his son Harry.


Norman founded Oscorp and became the CEO of it until he tested a serum on himself which caused him to become stronger, smarter and faster and gave him a second personality which led him to kill Mendel Stromm, General Slocum and several other scientists, causing him to become the Green Goblin, wearing a suit. After his death trying to kill Spider-Man, Harry took over as CEO of Oscorp and gave Otto Octavius the machines that fused to his body and turned him into Doctor Octopus. Harry then sent him to kill Spider-Man, thinking he killed Norman, but Octavius was soon killed destroying his own invention. Harry later injected himself with the serum used on Norman and became the New Goblin, but was killed by Venom and Oscorp was shut down.

Deceased membersEdit

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